I remember years ago someone told me i should take, caution when it comes to love i did, i did. And you were strong and i was not, my illusion, my mistake, i was careless, i forgot, i did, and now when all is done there is nothing to say, you have gone and so effortlessly, you have won you can go ahead tell them, TELL THEM ALL I KNOW NOW, SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS, write it on the sky line, ALL WE HAD IS GONE NOW, TELL THEM I WAS HAPPY AND MY HEART IS BROKEN all my scars are open tell them what i hoped would be impossible. Falling out of love IS HARD, falling for betrayal is WORST, broken trust and broken hearts, i know, i know, thinking all you need is there building faith on love and words, EMPTY PROMISES will wear, i know, i know. And now when all is gone there is nothing to say and if you're done with embarrassing me on your own you can go ahead tell them.